A short message with our progress this month.

As you can expect, we're hard at work for X# 3. This is planned for the end of this Quarter.

However, we will also release a new build 2.15 (for subscribers only). This build will contain several bug fixes and also some new features. The most prominent new feature will be that we have added our own X# expression evaluator to the Visual Studio debugger.
This means that expressions in the intermediate window but also the watch window and breakpoint conditions can be 100% X# expressions. Identifiers are case INsensitive, you can call X# functions, refer to locals, globals, dynamic memory variables, even to fields in the current workarea, or when you use the AREA->FIELD syntax to any open workarea.
This was a major piece of work, but we're very happy to announce this.
Due to technical requirements, this will only work with Visual Studio 2019 and later. We will still support VS 2017 with build 2.15 (withoiut the new expression evaluator), but that will be the last build in which VS 2017 is supported.

Starting with X# 3 we will no longer support VS2017. So it is now time to upgrade!

Something else that you can expect is a “make over” of the X# website. We're using Joomla 3 for the website at this moment.
This product is “end of life” by the end of this year. We're moving the website over to Joomla 4 and will make some changes to the template and some of the components that we have used.

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